How we got started

I am passionate about helping others. My family emigrated from Haiti to New York City in 1970 when I was a young girl. I spent my adult life assimilating to American life, working in various positions and industries and raising my two children. Now, at the tender age of 54, with work experience as entrepreneur, realtor, insurance agent, financial advisor, and legal headhunter, I am eager to return to my core values: connecting with and impacting people who have a real need, in a specific and beneficial way.

Like many pre-baby boomers, I seek to transition into the non-profit world and expand the scope and impact of the foundation I have founded working in Haiti. After the 2010 earthquake, I mobilized my friends and family to donate large sums of money to help with disaster relief. We raised tens of thousands of dollars for aid, but when I visited four years later, I was dismayed to see how little impact our donations had made on the lives of people living in Port-au-Prince. I knew then I had to get more involved; Haiti requires hands on experience and guidance, not aimless donations. Since then, I have traveled back as frequently as I can afford, overseeing reconstruction and retrofitting of housing in some of the most neglected neighborhoods in Port-au-Prince. I have organized and managed many projects in the past two years, including bringing fresh running water and sanitation upgrades to several households, and opening and supplying clothing inventory for two micro-businesses. It is both the most rewarding and most frustrating work I have ever done, but also the most necessary.   Every successfully completed project pulls back the curtain of a myriad other equally pressing needs.

I am really proud of the work that my small foundation has achieved in the past two years, but the time is now to scale our efforts. We have several effective models for putting people to work, and teaching life long skills. I am passionate to grow my foundation and expand the programs that we offer and the projects that we can complete. Haiti is at a crossroads. Most of the rubble from the earthquake is gone, exposing the country’s underlying problems in its wake. I see the problems first hand. As a native, I understand some of them. As a social entrepreneur, I know that we can help fix them.

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